AA meetings online now for when you need to share

A group of friends maybe having an aa meeting online now

Maybe you’re being triggered and that’s why you’re looking for AA meetings online now? Or maybe you you are looking for a good weekly meeting to keep working the program? Or maybe you just need a share meeting?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a program for those who want to overcome alcohol use disorder which is also called alcoholism. Alcoholism is when you find it hard to control your drinking habits. Maybe you drink all the time or you drink an unhealthy amount at a time. You start to let it control your actions and desires. You begin to put drinking before family and friends. Maybe you find you can’t go through the day without drinking or perform normal tasks without drinking.

Alcoholism is not safe for your health. Most of us know it can cause liver disease but the CDC states that it can also cause cancer, heart disease, stroke, immune disorders, depression and anxiety.

How do you know if you have alcohol use disorder? According to the Mayo Clinic there are some major symptoms to look at. First, not wanting to go to work or social events. Second, spending a lot of time drinking or having urges to drink. Third, drinking unsafe amounts of alcohol in unsafe situations, such as drinking and driving.

It is important to keep in mind that alcoholism is a mental illness, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Like any illness, it needs to be treated. Alcoholism is not due to someone have a deficient character or simply making bad choices. You need support and help healing if you suffer from alcoholism.

Since alcoholism is a mental illness with such risks to your health it is important to find help with a therapist according to MedlinePlus. People have also learned to live sober, happy lives by going through a 12 step program or going through rehab. Part of living a sober, happy life in recovery is learning to manage what triggers your urges to drink.

Whatever your triggers with alcoholism, if you are here that means you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’ve decided to get healthy. Congratulations!

The AA program can provide you the tools you need to get healthy. The more you go to meetings and the work you work the program, the more it works. As we say in recovery, it works if you work it.

You will find some of the truest friends of your life at AA meetings, even AA online meetings. Folks at meetings are there to work on their recovery and are willing to be transparent about their journey.

Find AA Meetings Online Now

I’ve been in recovery for years now and one of my biggest challenges is having someone to share with when I’m being triggered. It is hard to find an AA meeting happening online when you need it.

Our triggers and addictions don’t wait for the scheduled online or in person meetings every week.

Online AA Open Share Meetings Happening Right Now

Together is a new app that allows others to share whenever they need. Basically, a online AA meeting but open to all topics. Read more on how Together makes it easy to share on your recovery journey or join a live meeting below